ThermaFoam Arkansas, LLC is a leading manufacturer of Molded Polystyrene products and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) located in Arkansas. ThermaFoam Arkansas provides products to Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and surrounding states. ThermaFoam Arkansas manufactures Foam-Control brand products for insulation applications, geofoam, protective packaging, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and residential and commercial building products.

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Your solution, whatever your needs.

Foam-Control is the leader in providing products for construction, geotechnical, industrial, and packaging applications. Foam-Control is a lightweight yet strong material that gives architects, designers and builders the freedom and confidence to turn their visions into reality.


The Trusted Lightweight Fill Material

Traditional earth materials are heavy and can cause settlement, instability or lateral pressures. Other fill materials such as foamed concrete, waste tires, soil, woodchips, wood fiber, etc., have higher densities and are not engineered. Foam-Control Geofoam solves all these problems.


The Ideal Building Material

R-Control SIPs (structural insulated panels) are engineered and custom manufactured to give you control over every aspect of your project. With their versatility, strength, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency, R-Control SIPs are ideal for a wide range of residential and commercial projects.