Project Description

Harkins Theater

The construction of the Harkins 18-Plex Theatre required a material that would be quick and easy to install in addition to being less expensive than traditional steel framing used in similar stadium seating applications. Foam-Control Geofoam was selected for the project.

50,000 cubic feet of 14″ x 4′ x 8′ Geofoam blocks were installed in the 18-Plex theatre as a lightweight stadium seating fill. Foam-Control Geofoam is an engineered lightweight fill material with known load bearing properties. Additionally, with the speed of construction, installation of Geofoam saves money and time compared to the conventional methods.

Project Details


Harkins 18-Plex Theater
Denver, CO




ACH Foam Technologies

50,000 cubic feet of Geofoam Contractor: Colorado Construction Inc. Sub-Contractor: Kirk Harmon Maximus LLC